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(6) History

Taiwan Provincial Ilan School of Agriculture and Forestry was founded on May 12, 1926. Department of chemical engineering was set up in 1978. The school was changed to be National Ilan Institute of Agriculture and Technology, a five-year junior college, due to changes in social, economical and industrial environments in 1988. After years of preparation, the school was changed to be National Ilan Institute of Technology, a polytechnic college. Recently, the school was reorganized as National Ilan University, a comprehensive university, in 2003. And the department was changed to be Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Engineering at the same time. Two classes of undergraduate students were enrolled per year. A graduate program was set up in 2007. At this time, the department offers bachelor and master degrees, and 92 undergraduate students (2 classes) and 15 graduate students are enrolled per year.
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