Sun-Mou Lai
Name Sun-Mou Lai
Office Tel No. +886-3-931-7496
類別 專任教師
職稱 教授
研究專長 Mission:
Engaged in the preparation and analysis of eco-polymers to reduce carbon footprint in terms of environmental awareness.

To bridge academia and industry.
Processing in Eco-Rubbers, Bio-based Polymers, Shape Memory Smart Polymer Blends and Nanocomposites
Country School Name Department Degree
U.S.A. The University of Akron Polymer Engineering Ph.D.
R.O.C. National Taiwan University Materials Science and Engineering Master
R.O.C. National Taiwan University Chemical Engineering Bachelor
•SBS Thermoplastic Elastomer
•Tire Rubbers (NR, BR, SBR)
•Elastomer Technology (NBR, EPDM)
•PP/EPDM Extrusion Foaming
•EVA Continuous Extrusion Process/Injection Crosslinking Foam
•PS CO2 foams/Nanocomposites
•Recycled PVB/Toughened Nylon 6,6 Blends
•Nylon/clay Nanocomposites via Twin-screw Extrusion Process
•PP/Fly Ash Composites
•Eco-Carbon Black
•Optical TPE Lens
•Modification of Textile Materials (PLA, mPE)
•Silicone Coating Materials
•TPE foaming (SBS)