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About Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering (DC&ME)
(I) Features of DC&ME included unambiguous goals for education, straightforward educational objectives, elaborate design of courses, teaching excellence of faculty, distinguished cooperation between industry and academia for R&D.  The most important is to guarantee opportunities of employment for our graduates.  In addition, with NIU’s perspectives of exploration of wisdom, preservation of health, DC&ME also has scheduled developmental plan for the decade.  As a matter of fact, the most significant outcome reflects on that DC&ME has strict appraisal Evaluation of the Ministry of Education (MOE), R.O.C. and received Washington Accord-based IEET Accredited Certificate.  Details of achievements can be elucidated as follows:

(a) Excellence in academic research and inseparable cooperation with industry and academia

In 2010-2014, DC&ME acquired sufficient financial supports for academic and industry-university cooperative research projects from the Ministry of Science and Technology more than 40 times (ca. NT$ 30+ million dollars).  Meanwhile, DC&ME also implemented plentiful Career-based Projects to cultivate talented professionals from Training Projects and Cooperative Education Projects of MOE.   We have published more than 300 peer-reviewed journal articles in recent 5 years and obtain numerous international patents processed and pending for technology transfer.  In addition, proactive participation in myriads of international and domestic conferences for presentations of research and teaching outcomes also plays a crucial role as publication of highly impacted peer-reviewed articles, conforming in parallel with worldwide trends of R&D.  For instance, Professor Bor-Yann Chen has received Professor Yen-Ping Shih Best Paper Awards from Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers of 2007, 2010 and 2013. 

(b) Promises of opportunities to be employed for graduates of C&ME

According to yearly survey, several graduates qualified to be admitted for Top Universities (e.g., NTU, NTHU, NCKU) in pursuit of M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees for advanced studies.  Moreover, graduates are recruited from several famous industrial sectors or companies in chemical engineering and materials science, such as TSMC, CPC Corp. Taiwan, Formosa Petrochemical Co., Taiwan Merck, Innolux, TAGEO,
Hocheng Philippines Corp. (HCG), Unitech, Unimicron, Procrystal Technol., Kodak Pharmaceutical, Everlight Chemical, Mosel Vitlic electronic, Tera Xtal Technology and myriads of industrial Companies.  Moreover, graduates also passed National Senior Exam to work in diverse governmental offices, Intellectual Property Offices, Think Tank, Environmental Protection Agency and Sectors.  Of course, DC&ME provides diverse learning environments to educate students as capable professionals for myriads of practical needs.

(II) Regarding undergraduate and graduate programs provided in DC&ME, specific inquires of teaching are shown as below:

Undergraduate Program

I-Lan is located in unpolluted Lanyang Plain near metropolitan Taipai as the best learning environment.  Inevitably, DC&ME is the sole cradle-department in northeast Taiwan to incubate talented professionals in the field of chemical and materials engineering.  Meanwhile, supporting students meet general industrial criteria for practical training as comprehensive professionals (e.g., practical instrument operations).  Plus, combining domestic cultural industry in I-Lan, DC&ME also strengthens students’ analyzing and evaluating capabilities to be high-tech and environment friendly-oriented chemical and materials engineers.  In this green Lanyang Plain as demonstration, instructing knowledge of pollution-free green technology apparently constructs students’ perspectives of engineering ethics, and enhances students’ perception of public security and pollution prevention.  These all is help students understand the importance of preventing occupational injuries with considerations of environmental protection.  In particular, with certified evaluation of the Ministry of Education and IEET as guarantee, DC&ME fully provides students’ realistic training with certified regulations for practical operations.  That is why praises from myriads of industrial sectors about recruited graduates are responded.  These all guarantee that our courses and training programs provided for students are capable to satisfy diverse criteria in industrial and academic fields.

Graduate Program

With pragmatic approach to incubate graduate students in face of changing industrial needs, we also strengthen students’ capabilities to absorb basic and advanced knowledge in various fields of high-tech industries of C&ME.  In particular, We focus on research skills to decipher characteristics of chemicals and materials technology to meet worldwide trends, reinforcing advanced training capabilities as talented professionals for R&D.  With aspects of I-Lan County for development of green technology, we link cultural industries with regional features via offering R&D opportunities for practical training.  Moreover, constructing academic and industrial cooperation platform to associate pragmatic research for innovation in applications are provided for graduate students’ participation in diverse fields.  These include renewable energy (e.g., biomass energy, solar energy), nano-materials, functional metallic materials, inorganic & polymer film materials and medical materials.  As a matter of fact, these R&D connections in industrial fields gain several awards due to significant contributions (e.g., Professor Yen-Ping Shih Best Paper Awards) and National research of excellence in professional academia (e.g., financial supports from Ministry of Science and Technology for students’ presentations in Europe and U.S.A.).